Hope Never Quits GoFundME Campaign Booster

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/bssvhp-hope-never-quits

Hope Never Quits is a campaign to help Fund and finally Publish my Children’s Picture Book named “Karen De’ Roo”

Getting my Children’s Picture Book, Karen De’ Roo published would literally be MY DREAM COME TRUE,
as it would give me an opportunity to finally have stability and a second chance at life following two major life saving neurosurgeries to try to repair two broken vertebrates at the base of my skull, which caused permanent nerve damage especially to my right arm and right side of my body.
I’m determined to prove that no matter how many setbacks are presented to me, I will overcome them all. Just being here, alive today… is a miracle in itself! For that I’m grateful. And if i could fund this project and get “Karen De ‘Roo on store shelves everywhere….

Well that would give me the chance to possibly live independently and give my children a good and stable future.

Because Hope Never Quits!

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