Hope for Momma & Dogs GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Hope for Momma & Dogs GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/5khuhu-hope-for-momma

My mother was found living in terrible conditions. My brother kept her away from every one hidden. She is recovering in the hospital. She was found covered in urine, feces, and blood surrounded by 30 starving sick dogs and some dead being eaten by other dogs.

She was alone. Windows boarded up. No food (except spam every now and then). No toilet (She had to use a bucket).

No phone. No tv. No hope. No love. Forgotten. Left to die. While he took her money from social security. I have taken over care of my momma.

I want her to never ever suffer again. She deserves so much. Please please help my momma


My mother needs help. She is struggling to breath and gain strength. I do not have her social security card, ID, or birth certificate and obtaining these items will take time. She will need medical follow ups as well everything to live comfortably. I am taking her home with me to Washington. Everything in the home cannot be used. She had nothing. Not even panties. She is extremely thin. She has zero muscle mass. She has sores on her bottom from sitting.

She sat alone, in one room, all Windows boarded up, surrounded by death, urine, feces, and pain. I cannot not cry when I seen her and seen the home. It took me four times at 8 sec each to walk into the first room and move three jugs and some trash (all saturated in feces and urine) to get to her purse where I found none of her identifying information.

She had sat alone in the dark waiting to die surrounded by starving dogs (28 living 2 dead). She's scared and weak and when I look at her all I want is to shine brightness on her. I want her to see it's going to get  better from now on.

I want her time left on earth to be filled with hope, laughter, companionship, love, light, and family. Any and all help will go to my momma and creating a world where she can breathe and smile and know she's loved. She will never be alone again. She will never be kept away from those who love her.

She will never ever ever live in darkness.

Ever. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

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