Hit and run accident help

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My name is Christine. I work with the Developmentally Challenged and LOVE my job. On the way to work a few weeks ago I was the victim of a hit and run. ( the other driver called 911 after I was already transported to the ER) I sustained significant injuries such that I am still unable to return to work. My husband of almost 24 years has suffered a stroke and broke his back rendering him im able to work.  The loss of my income has made it impossible to pay our rent.  While I have insurance, it is only paying my medical. I am in physicalal therapy 3 days a weekend and have to take a taxi to go any where.

The other driver did not have insurance which would habr paid 60% of my lost wages.  We now are forced to wait to go to civil court to pursue a judgement and the. Courts are notoriously slow.

I have 10 days to pay my rent or vacate. If I’m forced to leave, we have no place to go and no way to move amy of our belonging due to pir injuries.  I will ne forced to give up dog,  Abbagale and my husband’s cat, Jack.  We will loose everythinyg we have worked so hard for just because a person was irresponsible.

I feel very blessed to be alive and very embarrass to have to ask for help. But we so desperately need it.  Please donate anything you can. If you ate unable to donate, PLEASE PRAY FOR US .And please pass my storey on.
My e mail is crobynsnest@gmail.com
I will answer any e-mail and questions to the best of my ability.
Thanks for reading thisand for goodness sake…. Don’t drive without insurance. You could ruin someone’s life.

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