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Campaign URL or Website URL : gofundme.com/history-heritage

After 13 years in TV I’ve decided to pursue my passion and start my own fashion label – History & Heritage.

H&H focuses on sustainable production and custom made clothing; making high quality, custom fit jeans available to women of all shapes and sizes, expanding eventually into men’s.

Sustainability is hugely important to me as the fashion industry is the second largest polluter after mining. An enormous amount of fabric and clothing is unnecessarily produced, goes unsold and is dumped into landfill. The production of denim in particular has a massive impact on our environment via mining of volcanic rock, water wastage and chemicals being dumped into waterways.

I have been deep in market research, trend predictions, supply chain and manufacturing research and am hoping to start product development next. The money will go towards the development of illustrations, technical designs and sample production needed for my pitch deck when I seek funding from investors.

I am loving the experience of creating my own company and making a positive impact on the planet so any help would be very much appreciated. This is a big goal but a valuable one.