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Hello my name is Michael Storie and I’m starting this fund to help my father. Medicare will only provide 1 non adjustable set of braces every 5 years. He was born with Charcot -Marie-Tooth syndrome it’s a form of muscular dystrophy.

He was told that by the time he was the age of 20 that he would be confined to a wheelchair, he is 63 now and with the use of braces is still able to walk some, he worked very hard his whole life taking care of his family and worked with this condition for many years until he was unable to bare with the pain anymore. As a family we all came together and asked him to stop working and this was a tough decision as my father had become fairly successful in his career and now would be on disability.

This financial setback has truly affected his needs with his condition and unfortunately he suffered a stroke a couple years ago that has robbed him of vision in his right eye. As I stated before he can walk some but only with assistance from his braces these braces are expensive and  his condition changes regularly 2nd set this year alone and the braces that can adjust at $15,000.

He’s very prideful and wouldn’t want to be a bother to anyone. I’m asking this for him not only because he’s my dad but truly one of the greatest men I know, he has helped so many throughout his life and this money will allow him to live a little more comfortable he can get braces that he needs, crutches and other things that would make it easier for him. To anyone who donates, I thank you!!

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