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Me and my wife had a miscarriage a few weeks after finding out we were expecting a year ago. Afterwards things were a little rough between me her and her 12 year old son. A little while later things started getting a little better bit by bit, we moved into a new house fixing it up and a few months went by where things were a little tight expense wise. And with all the things going on with repairing and fixing up the house that we didn’t realize until late on that we were expecting again. At about 5 or 6th months we found out that my wife had gestational  diabetes and also extremely high blood pressure.  At about the 6th month and 2 weeks  my wife was having unexpected stomach pains, so we contacted are baby doctor and he told us to get to the hospital asap and so we did, after we arrived my wife had her blood pressure taken wish was dangerously high 194 over 128 they said she was at risk for a stroke so immediately they decided to life flight her down to ucsf. She arrived and me and her son arrived the day after, after a few days after being admitted they started to discuss the possibility of delivering early cause they were having issues controlling her blood pressure, but diagnosed her with preeclampsia with severe tendencies. A couple more days passed by and around 9pm they told her her body was holding onto fluid and some of it was sitting on her lungs due to the preeclampsia  which was bad they told us they were going to have to deliver that night, so 3 am came around and they came and got my wife to prep for delivery through emergency c-section. And about 20 minutes into the surgery there she was are beautiful little girl Alencia Nicole Quigley all 1lb 14ozs of her. At 27 weeks old are little girl was here. Im asking for any help from anyone willing to help are family, me my wife and her son are going to be staying here in San Francisco until are little girl is ready to come home with us in Humboldt county 5 hours away. The doctor said she is going to be in the nic-u till about 40 weeks. Thats are story I’m hoping for any help available from anyone at all thank you so much from anyone who can help, me and my family appreciate it so much more then we can ever express.

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