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In 1995 I was diagnosed with MS, while it progressed I was still able to work and function. In fact most were surprised that I even had it (we learn to hide things well). At that time I was working as an aerospace engineer having just left the automotive engineering world. Once diagnosed with something like MS you are strapped with a pre-existing condition on your back for life. In 2009 I was laid off of my position and was offered COBRA at $1800 per month, almost what my severance was. By this time I was 50, had a pre-existing condition and the chances of being gainfully employed again was slim.

My lawyer suggested that I apply for Social Security Disability and said “look, you’ve paid into it your entire life, now you need it”, I applied and was promptly approved. While the payments started right away, medicare requires a waiting period of at least a year. Once that started I was at least able to see my Dr.s and not have it cost a fortune. Though the bills accumulated during the waiting period were overwhelming to say the least.

While all of this was going on we lost our house in the crunch, we tried desperately to refinance with Chase bank but were met with no help at all. In-fact they demanded we continue to make payments draining what little we had in my 401K. And as that happened my wife and I decided to divorce, it was very mutual and we talk daily to this day. After the divorce my daughter decided to live with me and we rented a condo where she could continue to finish her degree. For me to say the last 5-6 years were tight would be an understatement. Most of those months we ate because I went to a food bank.

Lets get to now, after 5-6 years and a bankruptcy two years ago I am finally able to sustain myself and thought I could finally sign up for prescription drug coverage through medicare, which I did a few weeks ago. On November 28th I received a letter from Aetna (the provider) welcoming me to the plan. As I red the letter I noticed the line “Will I pay a late enrollment penalty as part of my premium?”, come to find out if you do not sign up for coverage the day medicare starts the government starts penalizing you for every month you DON’T have coverage! So after a call to both Aetna and Medicare I was told that I would be assed a penalty for 60 months! The extra cost of this per month made it impossible for me to handle, thus the plan was cancelled…

I signed up for the plan so I could acquire the two drugs that would help me the most and help me continue to function, I need your help in getting those.