Help with Angel’s surgery

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Hello everyone, my name is Dorothy and I am fundraising to help get our dog Angel a needed surgery. Angel sustained an eye injury December 18th 2020 which caused her to go blind in her right eye. Due to excessing swelling and the chance of her eye being a source of pain in the future our vet recommended having her eye removed. We made the decision to have her eye removed to prevent any further issues or pain and her eye was removed January 5 2021.

On January 8 2021 Angel came in from outside with her left front leg dangling. I took her to the emergency vet and the x-ray showed she fractured her humerus close to the elbow. Due to the location of the fracture splinting the leg will only cause more damage. I took her to our regular vet the next day and the best option is to amputate Angel’s leg.

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