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My Family & I really needed to reach out for support and humbly ask for donations so we can miraculously manifest a life essential goal/ dream complete which is to finally be in our eco friendly home which was generously gifted to my family from a company (AH4U) . My family means well and try to do good deeds and inspire others who cross our path around us more often. In 2012 I was feeling empty inside and felt my spiritual foundation was dual I chose to find God and become a missionary.I lived a set apart life one that was minimal and filled with faith . I traveled with my spouse around the states to help people in poverty who needed resources and essentials. Traveled to Detroit to help out with their water crisis and brought lots of drinking water. We always loved to encourage people and our first fundraiser we ever made was to help out directly with the homeless so they could have hygiene food and at least a tent and blankets. We did live-in caregiving for free . As I became more open-minded and spiritual we helped out in ways of protests and activism for the Sabal trail pipeline. My foundation has been higher conscience and strengthened now and I am thankful to have went through it all and completely am confident of identity in 2017. Now my spouse and I have been blessed with children of our own and desire to go pursue what we need at this time and follow our dreams. I am a talented professional musician and have been blessed with playing by ear on the piano all self taught . I plan to raise money from this gift so that we can get some money saved up . My spouse and I will both work as a team to get our Fundraiser booming. Any donation amount you consider is always appreciated and everything will add up and make a huge impact . I say in advance I appreciate your generosity and you will definitely reap the benefits back of giving . Thank you for wanting to make a difference in my families life <3 Your donation can be tax deductible so It's a win- win for both of us! All the money goes toward our tiny home and what is required for making the home accessible for living inside . Five thousand dollars can cover the shipping and trucking fee. Thirtysix- hundred dollars covers six solar panels for energy. Fourtyfive-hundred will cover the Battery needed to operate the home. Your gift of any amount you are willing to consider matters ! To share my fundraiser also is caring <3 Thankyou for your support and reading our fundraiser. Also How much can you claim for charitable donations without proof? Yes, you may still qualify for the charitable donations tax deduction without the charitable donation receipt. However you can only include cash donations, not property donations, of less than $250. Be sure to get your tax deduction during tax time! If you wish to donate more than $250 and get a tax deduction you will need a non profit organization form. Send your donation to paypal email address and insert note with payment, Tommy's Home. I will then be able to email you the tax deduction for for 250 or more donation! Be encouraged to donate because you don't lose but we both win!