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First of all, I can’t believe how fortunate we are to be here at all!
When we started out, Jenice had been in private practice for about four years, as a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and me not at all in the field of complementary health care. I was working in an high energy enviornment, chalked full of lovely people, when one day it was no longer enough. I experienced an identity crisis of epic proportions with regard to finding out, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up! There were so many choices and I was so very excited, confused, enthusiastic and overwhelmed; my gifts had started to practically sprout wings and fly out of my mouth at will. I was feeling all sorts of stuff emotionally, mentally, spritually and physically.
Anyway, this brought us together; she helped me immensely through her services on a broader scale, to which, I will be forever grateful.
We met by happenstance or divine timing/intention whatever your view.  Since then, we have both broadened our knowledge and attained further certifications; not to mention growing spiritually by enhancing anothers’ life.
We began to move in a singular insirational direction that has brought us to this moment in time. We are going from a small shared single use suite to a multi-room center with a larger complement of practitioners. The place needs some “TLC” such as ADA compliance, floors, paint, signage, etc. (If I list too much, I get overwhelmed by the project) We will need the money as the earliest of conveiniences, as we will take possession of the property soon.
October 2, 2017 is lease signing day and the beginning of a journey for us both. There have been so many family members, friends, and professionals that have given their time, service and such great guidance and general help.
We wish to expand our services and make it easier for the public to access Complementary & Alternative Medicine practices in order to enhance their lives, creating an holistic approach to overall wellbeing. Check out our website:
BOTI Studios – Beautiful On The Inside  
We are willing to do whatever it takes to bring these services to you, the public. Your tangible donation would be received with the deepest of gratitude; I’m at a loss for adequate words to express what this means to us…the money will be used for renovation of the facility pictured below. Just to let you know, ALL WHO ARE ABLE OR NOT ABLE TO DONATE, you are part of our hope, our dream AND we love you unconditionally. Thank you for sending us your good vibes and blessings.