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My wife loss her job in February and we was already homeless living out of hotels for 8 months. We just got our place back in March and have been struggling since then to make ends meet for rent, car note, car insurance, food, lights, gas, transportation and numerous other things.

The past due amount was 791 but, I had missed time at work because our baby was born on June 23, 2018. Since then, another month has been added and now August is now added on top of late fees and attorney fees. We are facing eviction and are in desperate need of $4,000!! We have recently loss our 2 cars, one to mechanical failure and the other got repossessed.

So I have to take uber or Lyft everywhere I go including taking my family as well. Just asking for some help to keep a roof on our head, food on the table, and help to get a van for us.

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