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Campaign URL or Website URL : Hi Ellen, I love your show!! I was wondering if you would please post my gofundme link on your social network sites? I'm a career nanny looking to fulfill my dream of owning my own nanny agency. I would really appreciate your help!! I love you!! You are literally my favorite celebrity

I have been a career nanny for almost 17 years. I LOVE what I do but I can’t depend on my nanngy jobs long term, kids grow up and then you’re left to find a new position. I want to be a support system for other nannies in the industry while helping families find the perfect addition to their household. I have received so much help and support during my time as a nanny and want to give back to my community while building a business I can be proud of. I’m ready to build a career for myself in this field but in a more administrative level. I have the knowledge and experience to run a very successful Nanny Agency in the Boston area but, unfortunately I do not have the capital I need to accomplish this. I’m looking for fellow entrepreneurs and donations to help me achieve my goal of $30,000.00. I believe in myself and I know that I will be successful, I just need a little help. Every penny helps and any donation is appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.