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Help Sent Tawanda Off To JCSU, USA

Martin NyahashaDONATE Today!

Tawanda, a 19-year-old young man from Zimbabwe secured a partial scholarship to start his University studies this September, 2016 in the USA. He has funding shortfall amounting to 16500 USD that he wants to cover at the most, by July 2016 in order to attend. So, Tawanda is appealing for donations from members of the public and well-wishers through crowdfunding to help him out cover the shortfall.

Please Help Tawanda Overcome His US College Tuition Challenge.


My name is Martin Nyahasha. I live in Leeds, the United Kingdom. I am posting this appeal for a USD 16 500 college tuition requirement needed for my cousin Tawanda.

A resolution of this funding challenge should see Tawanda off to attend university in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA where he has secured a conditional place.

Tawanda’s need to continue with his next learming hurdle in college in the US is touching and urgent. He has worked considerably hard and impressively in high school, contributing to him being awarded a scholarship worth USD 5000 to assist with and commence his studies at Johnson C. Smith University in 2016.

The cost of his tuition, board and meals inclusive falls short by USD 16 500 which he needs to raise through this appeal at the most by the deadline of July 2016.

For all we know, Tawanda has had to confront grief and loss following the passing on of his dad, the main breadwinner in the house a few short years ago. He and his mother have also had to content with Tawanda’s health care needs.

Tawanda was born with and is growing up with a condition of albinism that can be challenging sometimes in Harare’s sunny, hot climatic conditions and its socially and economically challenged neighbour hoods.

We are all proud of what Tawanda has managed to demonstrate this far building his character and priming his academic performance for future work and contribution to society. We are appealing to family, friends and well-wishers to engage with and help Tawanda realise his dream of studying in the USA.

Any kind words, referrals, ideas and donations big or small will help.


Here is the original article that Tawanda wrote for this appeal:

My name is Tawanda Nyahasha. I am a 19-year-old young man from Harare, Zimbabwe. I come from a family of five children headed by my mom, widowed.

My passion is to help people realize their full potential. I realized that most aid that comes to Africa comes in the form of donations as opposed to investment and partnerships. I want to be part of the crowd at the vanguard of new thought in Africa.

I feel there is a need for a continental youth that is constantly self-investing, optimising and growing in all spheres of life, mental, physical, social and spiritual for there to be real change and a more confident Africa that is not only inward looking but also outgoing.

My dream therefore is to help see the people in Africa think freely and liberally. Engaging and forming worthwhile partnerships with significant others across the social divide and beyond borders. I believe Africa’s youth are its future.I feel privileged to be alive right now and engaging with fellow compatriots in this quest.

My impact so far has been felt through some of my writings and talks that encourage the youth to follow their dreams. I am a recent convert to the social media where I maintain a fledgling presence and share some of my thoughts.

Currently I am working with a young author from my country to come up with a study guide that will help the youth to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

My leadership qualities were have been acknowledged when I was appointed Deputy Head Boy in High School. It has been an honour and a privilege to serve in a leadership position at my school. I earned the school’s coveted Leadership Excellence Award . I am also past president of the Debate and Public Speaking Club representing my school in a variety of competitions through which I won a few accolades as a public speaker of note and influence. I have also scooped all the academic prizes I was eligible for and scored straight A’s in my final public examinations.


These accomplishments, partly, I believe, led Johnson C Smith University in North Carolina USA to offer me the humble annual scholarship of USD 5 500 to start me off on my next learning and development journey.

I am appealing, and would really appreciate well-wishers’ and the assistance of the general public, contributing big or small amounts in raising USD16 500 for my tuition . Sadly, this much is not covered by my scholarship. My mother, immediate family members and friends are unable to cover this shortfall without some form of third party sources.

Regular jobs not coming by that easily in my home town, I have resorted to helping my family run informal income generating activities serving the local community.

Any extra income we earn is easily defrayed in the home and domestic budget leaving very little to reinvest and let alone save meaningfully for this challenge.


My academic year starts in September 2016 and I need to have started my visa application process and paid advance tuition fee by mid July 2016. I will be studying Psychology because I believe it will help me in my dream of facilitating and transforming Africa’ s way of thinking. I look forward to your help for I believe by helping me you would have secured a better future for Africa.

Attending Johnson C Smith has raised my dreams ever since I lean’t that I was awarded the scholarship. I appreciate each and every one of you , your love, support and being part of my journey and my story.

Your generosity means the world to me.

Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.