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On July 6 my husband was in a terrible accident rear-ended in a 3 car wreck, 1. his honda 2. Jeep Cherokee 3. Dodge Ram company Truck (he was the first car). Of course since he was in the first car, it had the most impact. My husband suffered a concussion, 2 fractured ribs from the seat breaking, a broken arm, and mild cuts/scrapes. He is being watched heavily and supervised at all times.
Since this unexpected tragedy, it has been very hard on me. Wanting to be there for him but also having to work and take care of 2 young kids, and trying to make sure bills are paid takes a toll on an individual. As mentioned before my job only pays so much about $300/wk to be exact. Our bills have fell behind despite me trying to make up the difference, my household has went from 2 incomes to 1.
My leasing office has threatened us to either pay or pack or they evict us on Tuesday, September 5. I have tried to talk to them, but they have stated they worked with me long enough. I have been giving them whatever money I could get my hands on, but now they have posted eviction papers demanding amount in full and the electric company has sent out cut off notices. I hate that this has happened to us and I have probably went to every community help center, and salvation army that you could go to but they’re either out of funds or the timing is past the few days I have. I’m out of options, I’ve exhausted any help we had and this is my last option. I’m going through right now and ANY help is appreciated. Even a prayer would do me just fine if you can’t give anything. Thanks in Advance.