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Help Sarah Reiss Get Victim Awareness GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Please help Share My Story and Get Victim awareness out to more!! Are you a selfless, kind, big hearted giving person? Thats me. I have a very outgoing, trusting, a huge heart and very attractive personally. This unfortunately has lead me to be victim many times. Its my own curse…. I cant help it until i’m called out on being to kind or trusting.

Even as recent as this past Christmas. I brought in a friend i knew of 10 years and had communicated with him thru out our whole friendship and everything seemed positive, no red flags, and simple enough. Drugs started showing up and soon with it random people. Christmas eve I was forced to do drugs and they videotaped me… They then used it as a way to control me. I just started my company, im really known in a good way with live broadcasting apps and media.

I dont care for drugs and being a business owner theirs no time for that!! Im 27 I had my fun years before my sobriety date. He used this as his way to get leverage and threatened to extort me. Well… He proceeded to steal all of my money on my person that I had stocked up for different budgets and plans for my inventory and accounts. I have now forcefully had to accept my fate….

He gave my money to these dealers for drugs, raped me, assaulted me while i was live in my globally seen broadcast by 100s, then harassed, until this happened….no more money, almost out of drugs, he has gone 6 days straight… Christmas Eve, day, my moms bday thats dead the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th,…. You can image for me what its like to count every minute and scared and hungry while not being able to show any of it. The final day… He decided he was going to pick me up by my neck and I instantly reacted in self defense and got him to loosen his grip and I fought foe my freedom only to be held down while he called the cops and told them I was on drugs and said I assaulted him and they showed up for domestic violence.

I had to let them in and he showed them the video he took of me doing the drugs that he blackmailed me with to frame me… So now iv gotten every penny taken from me… Its the 29th and rents due… All last months bills are do even my plates and insurance. Which I could easily afford all of this before this situation. Do they arrest and charge me don’t even listen to what im telling them and can prove it.

They let him walk even thou i’m showing them pictures of me neck literally taken 1 minute before they showed up and taken while hes on the phone with the cops calling me in. They r fresh and they see in on my body and still let him walk. Hes missing teeth and his arms are picked out!! Im raped, kid napped, assaulted, publicly harassed, blackmailed, fraud, framed, and in jail, but come to find out hes on the media showing the video of blackmail and ended up extorting me anyways and slandering my name…

And he walks…. I get out and hes gone and my roommate moves in his girlfriend and 4 cats and tells me i don’t have a choice and this is where I just don’t even care to share the horrible weeks of shit I went thru. Last week of January. I get a small window after being locked jn my room, starving, crying to the live community and people i thought loved me and were genuine friends and literally no one will help… Literally no one..

At this point i want to kill myself. My roommate ends up leaving and i’m like omg!! Called the cops told them what was going on… Everything… They saw the drugs in his room and house and i’m like look im exhausted, starving, hopeless, scared and need help if I wanted these drugs I wouldn’t call you!! I asked them to mediate me telling him we received the day after tomorrow.

I also ask that since my boxes are right there with my name on them and none of my things in the boxes that we ask him where my things are and search his room for mt stuff. He gets there we tell him and he said he moved stuff and needed boxes… Wheres my stuff…. So I go thru his room with a cop and i find about 800 dollars worth of my things and have receipts to prove it. They told him he has to come back in 24hrs and that gives me that window to get everything out of locked in my room. So they all leave and its just me. I go thru everything and find more and kore of my stuff… Stuff that no one should have found…

When did he do this? Were they planned attacks on me? No ones listening i have to figure something out. … I get to the last corner of the room and there is a crack… I turn on my camera and open it… There is a lot of a substance .. And I need to get rid of it now!!! So i do… Sure enough my doors being knocked on about 4hrs after they all left. Its my roommate and his dealer with guns and have been stalking me since. I told the cops they haven’t done anything about it. I need money for things personally and now. Like necessity and food. Insurance and gas, a lawyer, my 2 months of bills that were no paid and all my money stolen from me and no time or energy to make it with no rss or material. I am scared for my life and got away at a good moment luckily but im miserable. Im broken, i cant find help. I cant go out and get a job without being fearful.

I am cursed with attraction I f…hate it. Please someone help me. Sincerely… I am willing yo work for it. I do a bunch of services but i can seem to find any available that i am experienced enough for. I can create many ideas for your content. I can help run profiles. I can customize your logo. I also have a 1 of a kind vibe I call LouDR. I have made it to be a voice for those who don’t.

Please don’t let anyone stay a victim. I am sick of people taking advantage of me and i need motivated, blunt, hardworking people in my life and that’s it. If your none of those i am sorry you read all of this for no reason. Please let me know if i can donate a piece of my art for you to auction for a cause! I need help! I need it now and I have this left in me i have tried…. Everything…. That i can think of… Thank you sincerely. Have you ever had so much drive, will-power to survive? Selfless when you were in no place to take on me but worldforyou