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A horrific earthquake struck Mexico City. Hospitals, buildings, schools and hundreds of people have lost their lives, within those who lost their lives I have just been informed that my best friend Peggy was affected before rescues could get to her she has already passed. My name is Stacy and Peggy is my best friend, I have known her for over 10 years.
I would love if we could all make it possible together for Peggy’s body to get back home to England to be laid to rest and for his fiancee Graham and 1 beautiful daughter Alaina to be there to say their goodbyes with her family who also live in England.

My bestie Peggy was in Mexico to organize her fashion designing stands for the upcoming international festival Cervantino, this was her first major event in Mexico she wanted to experience. Your donations will not be wasted on payment processing, advertising or overheads. Your donation will be 100% tax deductible as every cent counts and every donations will go directly to Peggy’s family– statement will be issued by her family within a week. Thank you and God bless.