Help our daughter fight Leukemia (ALL)! Help Grace

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Help our daughter fight Leukemia (ALL)! Help Grace!

Grace, our daughter, had been a very healthy infant. She took all her vaccinations without incident. She was bright and happy. She rarely got colds. Then just before she turned 19 months she started to limp. It looked as though she had sprained her ankle running around the apartment. My wife, Suzanne, thought we should take Gracie to the pediatrician. She was right. After one look Dr. Peter Reynolds said, “Let’s do an x-ray and some blood work.” The blood work showed nothing, but the x-rays told an ominous tale. Unusual lines radiated through Gracie’s femur, and we needed to find out why.
We arrived at The Royal Marsden Hospital with Gracie’s diaper bag, a lot of questions and some massive fears. We had no idea what to expect. When would they know for sure what it was? Was all childhood cancer fatal? Would she ever leave the hospital again?
The Hematology/Oncology Clinic waiting room was filled with kids who looked fairly normal, although one teenage girl was wearing a bandana over her obviously bald head. I tried not to stare, but I feared our toddler was destined for the same look. Gracie was delighted to be there; she had play toys and companions and wonderful pieces of child play-art around the waiting area.
The nurse took Gracie’s vitals, weighed and measured her, and led us into an examination room. We were then introduced to both the disease and the community of people who would help us fight it. Gracie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a cancer of the white blood cells.
ALL starts in the bone marrow and is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal and nonfunctioning cells called “blasts.” These cells crowd out normal white and red blood cells and platelets. Common symptoms include bruises that don’t heal due to low platelet count, infections that don’t go away from lack of disease-fighting white blood cells and general lethargy from low red blood cell count. Without chemotherapy—and other treatments, sometimes—children with ALL die.
This was on 7th of February 2020..a cold Friday.
Since that day she is fighting for her life. She was getting treatment from The Royal Marsden Hospital located in London. While she was still undergoing her treatment, in October 2020 we got a horrific news that her Cancer RELAPSED.
After sending her reports to many international hospitals, a very reputable hospital in Germany is ready to take her case. As she will be treated with CAR-T therapy following a stem cell TRANSPLANT which the hospital estimated around £ 388,000 including accommodation, medicine, doctors’ fees and the process fees (it can even go higher). We already spent £ 120,000 on his treatment in London and now it’s IMPOSSIBLE for us to arrange £388,000 in such a short span of time. Please help us!
I know Grace will not mean the same to you as she does to me, but I am facing the pain of losing the person I care for most in the entire world, so anything you can do to help, I will be eternally grateful for.
You can also help by sharing Grace’s story with your friends, family and in your community, so more people can know and help her.
Thank you all!


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