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I have been a teacher of Geography for the past 16 years in Jamaica. I have taught at five schools and at present I am teaching at my alma mater…….
I have seen good times, great times, bad times …worst times. My current school tries to keep up with the demands of students nowadays but is woefully lacking of things I believe are necessary for Geography. Every year I greet my new students with “Welcome to the best, most awesome subject ever” but along the way I fall short of this promise. The really sad part to me is that it seems to get worse each year:
1. The funding to Department gets less… Geography is not glorified under S.T.E.M., S.T.E.A.M. or even S.T.R.E.A.M.
2. Physically I am getting older i dare say less fun, more forgetful…less organized.
3. The major reason… my disposable income now is zero…zip…zilch…nada… Many of the props, realia, instruments,maps, experiments I used to do were funded from my own pocket.
So in summary I ask you to partner with me to obtain many of the resources needed to spruce up our Geo Room and re-gnite our ‘dormant’ subject let it be Active and let Geography ‘rock’ again.
If you wish not to donate money but have resources that you would like to donate i will find a way to get them shipped her to Jamaica…. I would one day like to even be ambitious enough to have a SMART Board in our Geography room…that would really make our students fall in love with the subject again.
Thanking you kindly for your help.

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