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Help Molly Lucas Heal from Stroke Disability GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Molly is my beautiful wife and we’ve been together for 30 years. She had a stroke the day after Thanksgiving 2016.

She has spatial neglect and some disability. She has lost her job and we are now looking at losing everything. This will jeopardize her healing.

We need to stay in our house until she is better but can’t without help.

My name is Kevin Lucas. My wife’s name is Molly and she is the love of my life. Molly is a strong, beautiful and loving woman who has spent most of her life caring for others. She is a wonderful wife and an awesome mother. She’s everything to me and we’ve been together for over 30 years.

We dated for a couple years and got married in 1988 in Aurora, New York. We had no money and very few resources but we pulled off a wedding with all our family and friends there to celebrate our day with us, which was important to us to have our perfect wedding.

The years that followed were a special time for us. We had the most meaningful and joyful moments I could ever hope to have in my life.

We enjoyed good health, wonderful friends, exciting adventures and Molly gave birth to our son who has singularly defined my purpose more than anything else in my whole life, I was now a dad. His name is Mitch and he’s a fascinating, dynamic, talented, and loving person.

We started to gain financial stability as we progressed through our careers, we were able to send our son to college, take up sailing on a small sailboat on a local lake and enjoyed a couple adventures in Central America and the British West Indies. Along the way, we also overcame several trials.

We went bankrupt in the 1980’s and lost everything. Our son, Mitch needed brain surgery at one year old, Molly lost her parents, and I had an episode where I struggled with a bout of deep depression and truth be told – still deal with it on occasion. All that and the typical collection of other bumps in the road of life that most people deal with. Through it all, we had one another and that made nothing truly too big for us to overcome. We had an indomitable spirit and nothing would tip us over.