Help Michael and Laura Mcdougle Kidney & Pancreas Transplant GoFundME Campaign

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Help Michael and Laura Mcdougle with wife’s medical expenses. My wife has type 1 diabetes has had it for 35 years it has done really bad things to her body 2 months ago could not get her sugar under control.

I put her in the hospital she had a stroke on top of it. Her mind is all messed up and she has lost 43 pounds in 5 weeks she has been in and out of hospital a lot last 2 months we are trying to get her well enough so she can get kidney and pancreas transplant

Laura is on stage 5 kidney failure she is on kidney dialysis.even with insurance medical bills are getting unreal and I cannot pay them.she is a great wife.

I am not one to ask anyone for help but I am asking now there will be many more bills to come thank you so much and bless everyone Laura and Michael Mcdougle

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