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My name is arun prasath . India in Spain pamploan

( note: I’m suffering with out job ,social help , court case, no money, police case)

 I’m living in Pamplona at the moment. I have Spanish residency I’d card(Y359XX96) which I have attached. I was married to a Spanish person called XXX living in Spain Pamplona zizur. We have a daughter age 4 called khaleesi. My wife files a divorce and police complain on me into the month of April 2019 for violence which the court says not to meet her or go near her 300 meters. I was back in india. I came to Spain in June. My wife started meeting me in the month of July before san fermin till November 2019. She said it’s not problem we both love each other we can meet. She has been to my house many times , taken me to her house in her car and went out to malls and public places and shopping can check my network and hers. I have what’s-app text, calls and photos which I already showed in zizur municipal police in the month of November. My wife and her lawyer asked me to sing the custody document of my daughter which I refused. They asked me to sing the custody so they will take back the police complain on me. I kept refusing my wifes lawyer know I was in pamplona. Kept blackmailing me with the violence case. You can check her emails and what’sapp still they went lied to the court saying they did not see me for 4 years and don’t known-where I was. My wife kept meeting me we even had sex multiple times in her house and in my house. We even made YouTube video and channel she acted and recorded voice for it. She said I don’t have to go to court or lawyer she will be with me. But in the month of October 9th 2019 she went to court and told she has never seen me for 4 years and won the court case for the divorce and child custody. I went to india for taking care of my sick father who died in jan 18th 2019 i came back. I went to india because I stopped a wedding which was arrange marriage for my wife to get married to my wife which my father lost 45000 euros for invitation marriage hall food and other expenses. I have been sending cloths and gifts to my wife and baby from Amazon. I even send mac book and iPhone worth 2000 euros. I paid for my wife and baby Thailand trip 2017 and Barcelona trip 2016 which I was also in the trip I was in Spain. She told me to spend the money for the trip which I have to pay for my daughter which was around 9000 euros.  But in the court she went told I have not paid any money. I’m suffering with no help no money no job. The court asked me not to see my daughter and my wife is not responding. She can take my daughter to any country. I have stopped the court case by filing higher appeal. My wife father is a very racist person he use to make fun of my skin colour my language and my eating habits of beef as I’m hindu. He insulted me many times. He made me work on the apartment they bought in zizur for 7 month cleaning breaking tiles, fixing tiles ,in bathroom removing all heater scared the heater and paint them. I had a problem with my father in law. He made me design log for his cream which he was selling illegally to Muslim country’s with pork fat and unregistered product. He steals their company products to home. I don’t want my daughter to be with such person .I have done my work as cleaner in there ( father in law) apartment and did log design but they always said I don’t earn. I use to get money from my parents and pay here in Spain. Indian money is to less for Spanish euro value. My wife played game with me won the case of my daughter.  Now no ones helping me here I don’t have a job nor any one try to help me. My Spanish is very low. i feel discriminated here. I’m learning Spanish. My english is very good I have diploma in 3d animation and graphic designing. My wife filed a complain to police but she kept meeting me. ( my wife made her boy friend talk to me on phone saying he is going to have her tonight and called me fucking Indian on phone and asked me not to contact my daughter I spoke to him I have this message saying my wife asked him to do it) will keep a attachment of her boyfriend conversation. But I’m still accused. Her lawyer knew I was in pamplona, still emailed my wife not to tell me the date of the case, so they can win the case. My wife told me her father is forcing her for divorce I have her what’sapp message I really don’t want my daughter spend time with that racist perosn. My wife has told me her father went naked in front of my daughter and he and his wife had sex with door open which I was very angry and said bad words about him. My wife has told me and many of her friends that her mother use to chase her and her sister with knife when they were little children’s. I would like and enquire of her lawyer and my wife for lying and ask my wife if she has been telling every one her mother use to chase her with knife. I feel my wife is been kidnapped by her father and treated as he is giving hosue for her to stay. My wife message says her parents wanted divorce and they paid which I will attach in the email. But not one hears what I have to say. I want to have my daughter and my fatherhood. Kindly help me with my job and my situation. Spain help refugees from other country.  Police of zizur and pamplona civil gard police treated me well and helped me. Kindly help a father like me to be with his daughter. I’m ready to any job even cleaing to any job. I want to be with my daughter kindly help me. I’m feeling very depressed lonely and sad her. I dont have family or friends her. I’m here only for my daughter. Always here dont listen to me nor help me. I want help from indian embassy and Spanish government.  Kindly hear my crying. Kindly help me. I do not get social help or social security money. I lived in my friends house in ansoian. As I was not registerd and I did not know the law. I don’t get social help or money. I don’t have money to pay for the hosue rent or meet my daughter. I want action taken on the people who given complain on me and  miss guided me. Giving me bad depression which effects my mental health and my body. I request the goverment, my embassy, Pamplona civil gards , zizur municipal, zizur municipal police, Pamplona law ( court of Pamplona) and other organisations to help me.

Kindly fund me to get a place to stay and start a shop for india food which I cook very well, I will provide jobs for people like me and I can stay with my daughter. If I go back to my country I can never see my daughter.

Thanks you

Arun prasath