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I am a senior citizen. Until recently, I was quite physically able. Unfortunately, a degenerative spinal condition has left me in a weakened state. I am currently trying to find a solution to alleviate my pain and return to a comfortable level of activity. I need as much mobility as possible. I am the sole caregiver for my adult daughter with schizoaffective disorder. I have gone through all the possible sources of money available to me. I am in severe financial distress.

I have two mortgages against my modest row home. With a lack of equity and the disrepair in the home, I cannot remortgage. I need major and minor repairs including total first-floor wood foundation replacement, interior wall renovations due to crumbling, exterior brick reinforcement and second-floor hallway and wall refinishing. There are many more things necessary to be repaired to bring the house to a livable safe condition. I do not know which items I should address first. I would like to work with knowledgeable local contractors. Recently, I was able to replace the toilet which was leaking down to the first floor. We managed to carefully live with a cracked toilet for several months. The bare wood floors have several metal plates that must have been put in place many years ago. Because it is dangerous to walk on the floors, we need to wear shoes at all times. This is only a minor inconvenience.

Several things need to be done as soon as possible. I cannot afford any repairs. I struggle monthly to pay my mortgages, utilities, and daily necessities. I am behind on my real estate taxes and paying the monthly installments is difficult. We live month-to-month and do not have an alternative living situation. We cannot afford an apartment. We have been on several public housing lists for low-income assistance for years. So far we have not been offered any opportunities.

With hard work and a little luck, I was fortunate to live a comfortable life. Now through many factors causing a reversal of financial stability, I find myself in a position to ask for help. As I was on the other end of donating money for years, I am struggling to understand how to proceed. I would like to stay in my home which I have lived in for many years. I have tried for three years to find a job working from home but have been unsuccessful. I need to work from home to continue being an unpaid caregiver. I have tried but have been unable to secure any social services. If anyone considering donating to my campaign has a viable lead to work from home, please contact me. I would love to work full-time and have clerical, computer data and bookkeeping skills. In addition, I would definitely be amenable to any work/barter situation.

I would be so grateful for any support that can be offered. I am holding on by the proverbial thread. Please help me help myself and my daughter. Thank you.

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