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I am but a wee college student doing my best to stay alive in the putrid world we call earth, or in my case Florida. Finding out that the college I want to transfer to does not have the animation course I would like to have (well they do its just extremely small), I have decided to take it upon myself to attempt animation by myself using flash animation.

Unfortunately the job I work at loves to make its employees suffer by exposing us to terminally rude customers who use us like slaves and demand for free things and we get little to nothing in return. Using this fundraiser I plan on using its funds to help with fully diving into the world of animation, along with playing league of legends in the spare time to get influenced on what to animate next.

The type of animations I plan on doing, I have most of my ideas fully written down, are story time animations, whether that be about how much work sucks and how I so desperately want to leave it for good since I feel a dozen of workers as well as myself are on the verge of exploding, or how my life has been since moving from up north and basically becoming homeless with my Father for 2 days, don’t worry I live with my now 1 year girlfriend at my student housing. I would also be very grateful to those who donate and will make sure to add them to my animations in the credits as “those who were amazing enough to help making my dream a reality!” All the animations will be uploaded via YouTube.

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