Artist in need GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Hi guys! Long time artist here, I’m wanting to switch mediums from pencil and paper to digital. I’ve been drawing since i was a little kid. It’s an excellent hobby that everyone should be able to experience. While I very much still enjoy drawing, times have changed and going digital Is the only option at […]

Help me start my Flash Animation and League Dream GoFundME Campaign

I am but a wee college student doing my best to stay alive in the putrid world we call earth, or in my case Florida. Finding out that the college I want to transfer to does not have the animation course I would like to have (well they do its just extremely small), I have […]

SITTS Cushions Natures’ Way to Activate and Improve Posture

ALIGN YOUR SPINE NATURALLY WITH SITTS’ SIMPLE POSTURE CORRECTION FOR BALANCE AND SITTING COMFORT! Every time the cushions will give your back relief and provide good habits while sitting. Utilize the power of a wedge shaped cushion to produce proper balance and get results within seconds with gravity as your friend. Feel how good it […]

Best Footwear UMOJA Handmade Sandals from Africa IndieGoGo Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hi we would love to share one of the hidden beauties of Africa, our fabulous hand made leather sandals. Umoja is a brand of hand made leather sandals popular in East Africa. These sandals are hand crafted with loving care and attention by loving Masai tribes people in the traditional way. They are: Comfortable. Stylish  Colourful and […]

KNBOR The first smart ceiling lamp providing Wi-Fi Kickstarter Campaign Viral Marketing

Why The New Wi-Fi Producing KNBOR Smart Ceiling Lamp Could Be A Game Changer! Moving into your new home is always exciting. You have a lot of planning to do. The one important thing that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, though, is deciding where the Wi-Fi router should be. You don’t want any […]

Earbuds Reinvented for iOS, Android, or USB-C Kickstarter

Sound, Durability, Functionality Reengineered from the ground up creating an experience unattainable until now…EARBUDS REINVENTED! – Military grade nylon braiding – Aluminum Shock Absorbent Housing – Connects to Charging Port on any iOS, Android, or USB-C devices – Magnetic Response Control – External 24 bit DAC, – Built in Amplifier – Magnetic Locking Buds for […]

FireFlies Are the First Affordable Wire-Free Earbuds

FireFlies Are the First Affordable Wire-Free Earbuds FireFlies Audio LLC, a Utah-based consumer electronics company, announced the launch of their new wire-free earbuds ( The FireFlies are among the first truly wireless earbuds to be released and provide a comfortable fit and great audio performance. However, unlike similar products announced, FireFlies don’t cost $300–instead they […]