Help me recover after having all my tools stolen

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I had rioters break into my van while at my hotel and stole all my tools more than 50k worth of power tools, test equipment and personal belongings stolen. These are needed to do my job and the fact it has been a struggle this yr. I had accumulated these tools necessary to do my job over 23 yrs, as I expanded my abilities so did my need for more expensive test equipment and trouble shooting equipment that I have had to pay for out of my own pocket. I am trying to rebuild a Home Depot that was taken out by a tornado that would create about 200 local jobs. I travel all over the country helping businesses upgrade and expand so they can hire more workers. As A Field tech that fixes all sorts of network issues, and a wireless engineer who helps design and improve wireless networks for companies like Kraft, COKE A Cola, Bimbo bakeries, and Lance foods, and many other retailers and big production companies nation wide.