Help me hold USMC accountable for my sons birth defects from water contaminated with fuel at Camp Lejuene

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Hello prospective Donors, My story is about my son who i have gotten custody of in 1990 from an abusive mother and a boyfriend who would whip him when he misbehaved when he was 4 years old. The tools they used were extension cords and wire coat hangers, this was going on since i seperated from her in 1988 when i relocated to another city 200 miles away, to those of you who would ask why I did not know of this, is because as an ex Marine Veteran i lost visitation rights to him. As of 1990 i got a phone call from Social services where they lived and they told me that she left him alone with his step brother whom also i cared a lot about for 2 days after a neighbor called in that they were alone. After i got the phone call i went to court and won custody of him at 5 years old.

After i brought him home as a single Father i had to find babysitters, as time went on after sitter after sitter i started to see a pattern of behavior, such as fighting, authority issues, pyro problems, pet abuse etc.. i started to try to get him help such as counselor’s with mental health, psychologist, and he still was having problems and getting suspended from special education class at school. At the time he was 10 years old it got so bad that me and my new wife where at our wits end with his behavior, i finally had to decide we could not handle him and got him into a group home for children with his issues.

As time went on i was being asked by the group homes that they could not handle him, finally i found a group home that could. Finally at the age of 17 they got him to graduate and he joined the army which he got kicked out because of his problem with authority. As of a couple of years ago i got a surprise letter from the USMC that while i was stationed at Camp Lejuene when he was born in the early 80,s that the drinking water was contaminated with fuel contaminates and that it was determined it could cause birth defects and behavioral defects.

Since i have gotten that letter i have had no response from the government for help, they say that they will not be responsible for any issues arises from this problem. Well i have plenty of documentation of my sons issues and i plan to try to recover my financial investments for the help i tried to give him for the 13 years that i had to deal with these problems that are now come to be known from the contaminated water.

I plan to hire a Lawyer to take the government to court over this and hope to let it be known to other parents that they might be also in the same situation. I want to personally thank you all for any donations you make from the bottom of my heart and hopefully from other parents as well.

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