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Hello everyone,

I would like to bring attention to a girl, Analou Lusica Arendaying from Philippines, who works as a maid (Domestic help) in Butuan city, Agusan Del Norte, Philippines. She left school after grade 9 to support her dad and nephew. It is good to see, someone so young take responsibility. However, I think not completing her school is going to be a major handicap going forward in her life.

I talked to her, and wanted to know, if she had the desire to go back and pursue her studies. She told me that she is trying to save some money for her education. However, she makes 3000 pesos a month (which is roughly 60 USD), and uses most of it for buying medicine for her dad, and multivitamins for herself, while using some portion of it for taking care of her nephew.

I am trying to raise 3000 pesos a month for the next 3 years for her, so that she does not have to work as a maid any more, and can devote that time for her studies. Once she clears grade 10, I am planning to train her for the entrance examination to UP (UPCAT – University of Philippines Common Admission Test). The idea is to get her a laptop, after she completes grade 10, and then make her complete relevant video lessons from khan academy.
I feel that education is not a luxury, but a necessity in today’s age.

It would be great to help someone achieve something in life. If she does make it to the University of Philippines, and gets a good paying job, it would be an awesome achievement for her. I think, she can then take better care of her family, without depending on anyone.
This is a rough breakdown of what I plan to do with the amount:

1. 60 usd per month for 3 years: 2160 usd
2. Rest of the amount for buying a laptop after she completes grade 10, so that she can prepare online for UPCAT.

She is going to leave her work on March 30. So, if we could raise the first 60 dollars before March ends, it would be nice.

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