Help Me From Becoming Homeless

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I have been in a very controlling, abusive relationship for 8 years now. My boyfriend has bought a house and he is moving out. The closing date on his house is August 20th, 2018. The house in which we currently reside is a rental. I have decided I am NOT going with him when he moves. This is my one and only chance to get away from his abuse and cruelty and get out of this miserable relationship.

Due to several chronic illnesses, I am unable to work outside the home. I am trying to run a business from my home, but it is going very slowly right now, as it takes time to get a new business off the ground, and it is not providing the income I need at this time to be able to stay in my home. I am also in the process of filling for disability to see if I qualify to receive disability. But filing for and getting approved for disability is a long and lengthy process. I also have two animals who are like children to me and depend upon me and our home.

My fur babies are my saving grace and provide much comfort to me. They are the only things that help me keep my sanity in this very difficult situation I am in. I would be lost without them! My boyfriend is NOT taking my fur babies with him when he moves because he will not take care of them and they will suffer greatly! If I cannot raise the funds I need to be able to stay in this house my fur babies and Iwill soon become homeless, as we have nowhere else to go! I have many medications I have to take for my illnesses that I am currently having to pay out of pocket for because my boyfriend cancelled my health insurance. Some of them are very expensive, and I am struggling to pay for them out of pocket. I am trying to raise enough money to be able to stay in my home and pay the rent, bills, buy food, and pay for my expensive prescriptions for three months.

I am hoping and praying that at that time my home business will have picked up, or I will be approved to receive disability by then so I won’t have to raise my goal and ask for anymore help and support. But right now my goal is to raise $8,745 in order to be able to stay in my home for the next three months. I am depending on the kindness of good hearted people who may be able to help me get out of this very bad situation and be able to keep my home.

This is my ONLY HOPE! YOU are the ONLY HOPE for me and my fur baby family! My fur babies are counting on your kindness and generosity to save us from becoming homeless! Thank you so much for your support and God bless you!

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