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I was trying to help a kid who is trying to be a golf pro. He wasn’t able to go to college for golf as the college doesn’t have a program and neither does the high school. He is 19 years old and is a very talented golfer that I know can make it somewhere with the help from YOU! His family doesn’t have the money to support him. I know they would if they could. He works a couple jobs and gets practice everyday. He has a beautiful fiancé and little baby boy. He works so hard to support his family, fiancé, and his kid. His family just doesn’t have that great of luck, it seems like issue after issue come up and they have to use all their money on that. He would do anything for anyone. He is the nicest kid you’ll ever meet and I hope you all help him out! I know he tries very hard to perfect his game. I want him to be able to join tournaments to try and join the tour and it costs quite a bit to go to all the qualifying rounds and traveling expenses. I just hope in the goodness of all your hearts you can help him out. I will keep you posted on everything and hopefully he will be able to take a break from work and travel a bit to practice on harder courses. I hope to surprise him with a bunch of money to go chase his dream. Thank you all and have a very great day!