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Help keep a roof over Nana’s Head GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

This is my Nana Dorothy Jourdan. Times have been rather tough money wise, as her monthly rent at the nursing home is well over $4,000.00 usd a month! The money my family and I make simply can’t cover it easily, and any amount will help to go toward the hefty amount owed.

She is currently battling Alzheimer’s/Dementia, which is a battle within itself as well and we don’t need the added stress of her ending up on the street.

If anyone knows a loved one with this disease, they know how hard and challenging it is. With the spiritual relationship I have with God, I feel whatever can be given, will bring many blessings and karmatic energy your way.

We are currently asking for $5,000 to help us get a little ahead of the situation.

Namaste my friend. God Bless from Nana also!