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Hey everyone, My name is Katrien and as you might have guessed from the title of this GoFundMe page: I’m transgender. I transitioned 12 years ago when I was 19 (I’m 31 now) and I had SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) when I was 22, which totally changed my life in the most amazing gorgeous way I could ever imagine. Ever since then I’ve been travelling the World for 7.5 years, working for Disneyland, having been an English teacher in rural eastern Thailand, I worked on farms, I was a dive guide at the Great Barrier Reef, I worked in hotels and hostels, lived 8 months of my life as a nun in a temple community, and I took care of street cows and street dogs in India as I was teaching street children how to swim in Mother Ganga, and now I travel the World teaching Yoga and meditation. I truly love my life, and I try to shine my light upon everyone I meet and encounter, but the truth is that for 12 years there has been a dark hole in my heart and I’d like to talk about that.

You see even though I wanted to have FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) for the longest time, I used spirituality and Yoga to kinda meditate and practice my dysphoria away because I couldn’t afford to have FFS, but the truth is that it didn’t remove the dysphoria. Rather it created a dark hole in my heart without understanding why the pain was there, for I had forced myself to forget what had been hurting me. So one day I was told that in the USA if you have certain types of private insurance that you get (almost) full coverage for all transgender surgeries. Finding out about this I thought to myself: “If I only had to pay 360 dollar I’d have done it years ago” and this very thought was a massive shock to me, because for years I had told myself: “Ohhh Katrien you’re pretty enough, you’re normal looking enough, people never bother you, except for those 2 times you got raped and almost murdered because they knew you were Trans”, but those thoughts were always there with the subtext: “Because you can’t afford it anyway.” and realizing this I suddenly realized a second thing, I realized that for years I had been avoiding pictures with friends, because whenever someone else took a picture of me, I looked horrible in the picture, and I’d often spend hours begging my friends not to tag me in pictures they took of me, because seeing the pictures they took of me gave me immense amounts of dysphoria. And that’s when the next realization came in: I never take off my bra or bikini, except for when I go into the shower, and when I leave the shower I avoid mirrors at all times, because I can’t look at myself with my hair wet and down, because then I’d see a …… I wouldn’t see a … girls face. And that’s when the big shock took its final form: the dark hole I had felt in my heart, was the emptiness of not feeling ‘complete’, because without FFS, for years I had actually felt like a … failure … even though from a rational point of view my life was everything except for a failure. So when I realized this I only had 2 choices: Go back to sleep, or stay awake and finally heal that feeling of not feeling complete.


I chose for the latter and that’s why I’m here. I decided to have FFS and Breast Surgery, to finally feel complete, to finally feel 100% at peace. Originally I didn’t want to ask GoFundMe for help, I had this biased feeling that I should only use GoFundMe once, and that I wanted to keep that one chance for something big, for something important, something that would help more people than just: Me. I felt egoistic and self-centred if I’d make a whole GoFundMe page just for me to get help. But my wonderful beloved friends convinced me to make this GoFundMe page. They told me: “Katrien, every day you help, support, educate, protect, nourish people wherever you go and you give so much of your time volunteering to make a small difference. So please allow us, your friends, to help you for once.” When my friends told me this, tears started rolling down my face as I started to sob. For so long I had walked this path alone, for so long it had only been me, who had been looking out for me, and suddenly my friends and the World told me, that now it was time for me to be carried by them. And so I surrendered to their love, and I decided that I would surrender myself to all of your love.


Combined with this I also decided to finally create a Youtube channel. People have been begging me for 4 years to start my own Youtube channel, so I decided to finally do it. I have the intention to make 3 videos a week:

1. A Yoga or Meditation video
2. A series called: “Meet the …” (for example ‘Meet the Yogi’, or, ‘Meet the traveler’, or ‘Meet the volunteer’, or ‘Meet the refugee’) which will be an interview with someone interesting/inspiring.
3. Storytime/vlog (in which I’ll tell a story about my travels or my life.)

At the end of each Storytime video I’ll be reading each of the names of the people that donated that week thanking everyone personally. This will be a very humbling, loving and you beautiful experience. On top of this I’ll be documenting my whole FFS and Breast Augmentation journey and I’ll be sharing it with all of you.


I always want to be completely open and honest with everyone here and so I’ll be adding the cost of each of the procedures here:

Facial Feminization Surgery (7500 Euro)

– Front remodeling (Type 3)

This includes the following 4 procedures together:
1- remodeling of the frontal bone in the middle part.
2- advance of the hairline.
3- remodeling of the orbital rim
4- eyebrow lift.

– Chin Feminization
– Contouring of the Masseter
– Feminizing Rhinoplasty
– Lip lifting

Breast Surgery (3000 Euro)

This makes a total of 10.500 Euro

So to make it a round number I’ll be placing the goal at 11.000 euro which would include the food and accommodation partially.

Every penny I save the next few months/year I’ll also be donating to my own campaign.


So if 1100 people would donate 10 euro we’d easily reach the goal, and I’d be forever grateful to you. So if you’d like, please help me share this dream upon whatever social media you’d like to share it on.

Thank you so much for reading my GoFundMe page, and for being part of this amazingly beautiful loving experience. If anyone out there reading this is feeling dysphoric or is questioning their own sexuality or gender identity you are welcome to contact me on Facebook, Instagram and/or Youtube, and I’ll be there to support, help and love you for who you really are.




Sincerely and with lots of love,


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