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To keep a long story as short as possible, I found out in November 2016 that I was the father of a 4 year old boy, named Jacob. At the time, his mother was in a bad situation, and I was made aware of his existence due to an open DCS case. In December 2016 I had Jacob and his mother move in with me and try and see if there was any chance of having an actual family. Sadly, in February 2017, she decided to place herself and Jacob in the same bad situation, so I had no choice but to file for full custody, or both his Maternal Aunt, and DCS would step in and file for custody and take him out of her home. In the two months they were here, I fell in love with my son, and there was no way I would allow him to go thru any more than he already had, he had pretty much been thru the same situation over and over again his entire life, and the mother never wanted to even let me know, until DCS forced her to file a paternity test. I found out a lot of things I wish I hadn’t once I spoke to his aunt, who initially filed a private petition to initiate the DCS case to get him into a better environment.

On February 6th I filed for Full Custody to get him out or the bad situation he was in, and on March 3rd 2017, I was awarded full time temporary custody of Jacob, with his mother only receiving him from Saturdays at 9am until Sundays at 6pm. Due to her behavior since then, she is currently only allowed 1, 6 hour supervised visit a week. This visit currently is being supervised by my mother, and she and my son have to travel from Tucson to Phoenix for this visit, because his mother cannot afford to get down to Tucson and the judge has ordered me to cover the expenses.

This has all happened extremely fast, me finding out I was a father, let alone going from being a single 29 year old man in a one bedroom apartment, to having a 4 year old boy completely full time, there has been so much excitement thus far, and it’s only the beginning, but in order to get my son everything he needs, and what he should be able to enjoy while just being a 4 year old kid, and not having to deal with what he has is a huge financial investment.

Since I’ve had him, both my Mother, and Jacob’s Aunt, his mother’s sister, have been a HUGE HELP. Jacob and her 5 year old daughter, his cousin Bella are almost inseparable now and he didn’t get a chance to see her before. This fight so far would not have been as easy without both of them.

Jacob means the world to us, but we are all working class people and really wish we could do so much more for him, because despite what he has been thru, he is an extremely well behaved and intelligent kid, and the sky will be his limit.

Jacob has not even been able to experience much in his life at all from what I’ve seen, literally his mom’s current idea of a 6 hour visit is being at McDonalds, and so I could only imagine what he hasn’t experienced.

Some major things this money would go to, would be getting him everything he needs, including his own room, furniture, more clothing, toys, hopefully a vacation, even just a short one to Disneyland with his Cousins would make this kids eyes light up like I couldn’t imagine, he doesn’t even ask for much.

I, along with my mother, his Aunt, all of our family, and especially Jacob himself would be forever grateful for anything anyone would be willing to donate. It would just help this process so much more, and help the stress, because currently the mother is just making this process worse by the week, and I’m being forced to make the trips and spend a lot of money I don’t have right now, just to fight to keep my son on the right track and not to go back into a horrible situation, I truly wish his mother would get some things together and want to be in his life more, I encourage it and some of this money would definitely help him see his mother more, if she wants to.

I can’t put into words how much this would change our lives right now, he will be starting school in August, hopefully at Basis, and I make just barely too much money to qualify for much Government Assistance, so that is making this much harder as well.

I would be more than willing to answer any question people may have, post more videos, photos, or have you talk to his family and show you where this money would benefit him. Thank you to anyone who donates in advance, I could never put into words just how much this would mean to us at this time as we’re just in the beginning of a very long, drawn out process just to give Jacob a bright future.

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