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Help Jackie “Sakura” Fraust keep her home YouCaring Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Hello everyone! My name is Jackie Anderson, but most people know me online as “Sakura Fraust”. Those who have followed me for the past year or two might know that I have been through quite a lot and have been forced to move quite a few times in the past year and a half. As a final resort, having nowhere else to go, I had moved in with my dad back home in Maryland. But now I have recently learned that my dad is going to be losing the house and neither of us have anywhere we can go.

From what my dad has told me, the house is going to be foreclosed on March 22nd. He’s trying his best to fight it, but none of the banks are really helping and so he doesn’t have many options. He’s trying to refinance the house, so that his payments will be a bit smaller and easier to manage, but from what he mentioned, they won’t let him do so since he’s so behind on payments. He told me that he’s about $16,000 in debt on his mortgage, and he’d have to pay it all off before they’ll let him refinance.

My dad has no way to get that much money, especially in so little time, and even more so since my grandfather (his dad) has been hospitalized and he’s had to pay for that as well. I would desperately like to help my dad, so we can keep our home and don’t end up on the streets, and this fundraiser is our best bet at accomplishing that.

I know that I have a great deal of friends, fans, and followers who greatly enjoy me and the variety of content I produce, and I greatly need everyone’s support now more than ever. Please help my dad and I keep our home, even if you can only spare a dollar, every little bit helps!

Thank you for reading and for your help,
Jackie “Sakura” Fraust