Help me go to Korea and attend a concert of my ultimate favorite artist

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Hello, my name is Marisol and I am a 22yo Mexican girl.

There something I am passionate about and that is my most favorite artist in the world. Going to his concert might seem like a shallow reason to support, but let me elaborate a little first. 6 years ago I was a lonely and depressed teenager going through really heavy stuff, and one unexpected day I got to know him. Yes, he is from a boyband. But he is also more than that. His selflessness, his willingness to fight and stand for minorities rights, his readiness to apologize when he said something wrong and his honesty have been saving me since that day. I owe him my life and what I have become now.

I have one dream in this life. And it is to be able to listen to that beautiful voice and feel his heart and mind penetrate my soul by his sincere lyrics and soothing melodies.

The only thing that prevents me from being physically there is this awful distance and my lack of monetary resources. I’m working hard for it but it is not enough. Please help me with the travel expenses. I can assure you that I will be always grateful and my heart will explode in happiness once I get there. Any little help is well received.