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My name is Ercan Tekin. I have been living with Cerebral Palsy since birth. CP is a neurological disability that effects my motor skills and balance so I use a motorized scooter and crutches for mobility.

I know there is more important causes on youcaring, so that’s why I promise with all my heart and soul that I will give back to society every dollar back raised here one day. To be honest if I had the means, I would not ask your kind support. It’s not in my nature to ask for this type of support.

It’s not easy look after two children on a single income. I am connected with a job agency to look for some part-time work to help support my family, but that will take some time. My mobility scooter are my legs and when my mobility scooter died on me I had no real option but to try and raise the money for a new one – with the kind support of people I know and don’t. Give what you can, I will be happy knowing I will reach my goal.

I live at home with my elderly mother, my wife and our two beautiful, small children.  My elderly mother also suffers from sciatic nerve pain and because of this she uses my scooter sometimes as she can not drive a car.


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I had one scooter, which had done 5300kms. I loved it.
I had to get rid of it because the motor, whole right wheels needed replacement and soon the batteries. All this would cost around $2500, it wasn’t worth to do this because of the age of the scooter.

I then purchased another second-hand scooter  from gumtree. After about two months I had to replaced the batteries which cost me $530 and now after about 6kms it drives very slow.

I decided a new scooter was the way to go but my finances aren’t the best right now. Government funding will take some time. I asked for 2 item off the government and I am still waiting for them.

How the funds raised will used:

$7300 will used to purchase this mobility scooter.

$1500 will be used to install an all weather canopy.

You may be wondering why this brand of scooter, it’s because I have tried a lot of them. Now I want to try what they call the best scooter around.

I would appreciate anyone’s help and support. Please share within your networks.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my campaign.  When I have the funds to purchase this scooter, I will post a video of me with it.


Please support my Mobility at

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