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Help Furbabies come home

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Hello everyone!  I am doing this fundraiser because I need help with kennel costs and to get my fur babies home to Seattle. I have two American Bullies and one boonie that my wife and I saved from the woods.  We’ve had them ever since they were very young and watching them grow.  They are apart of our family and I don’t want to say goodbye to them as I part Guam.
Some unexpecting things came up and I am going to be leaving island in April or May time.

My fur babies will be hopefully leaving in the first week of April.  Everything donated will help for their kennel cost as I am being moved to the barracks and I can’t keep them in their.  Also to help pay for their ticket back home.

My wife and I are using Island Pet Movers and they quoted us $3K. I have been accepted for a grant to help pay for their ticket but I do not know how much it is at this moment.  I should know and will adjust this accordingly so I am not asking for more money than I need.

I just want to thank you all for your support and help!

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