Help For Bob – Korean War veteran

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Bob is a Korean War veteran who is unable to get the care he needs.  The VA said no because he didn’t go to a VA Doctor. His 100 days for help thru Medicare is up. Bob was a nasa engineer among other things.

He has worked hard all his life.  He is a big man in size -in life-in compassion -in love- in intelligence.

He is suffering horribly and hospitalized recently from sepsis  due to sores on his leg. He can have his legs amputated or keep getting sepsis. His wife is taking care of him. She cannot work because of helping Bob.

They can’t pay taxes on their home. She had to sell their truck to get enough money to catch up on their house payments and now can’t pay the taxes on her childhood home. Christ-his wife needs all the help she can get as she is carrying this burden alone and sees no future. She canblose her childhood home.

Bob is about 83 and she is in massive debt. She is the kindest most warm and loving woman I have ever met. Please help her!

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