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I’m raising money to leave the state of Florida after Hurricane Irma left me with broken and dangerous stairs. My dog and cat are in danger each time I have to walk them. The HOA can’t touch or repair the stairs railing until the insurance company assesses the damage. Since the Hurricane Irma left a lot of the state in devastation they don’t consider my situation a priority and the insurance company could take months to repair the damage done to my home.
Unfortunately, I am suffering through hardship as I’m also a freelance writer where business has been low.
I am relocating to Wellington, Colorado to be with friends who have the room for me and my pets to be safe.
While I’m trying to sell all my belongings, I will still need help with travel, food lodging etc., I’m asking for a total of $3200 to pay for the vehicle rental and 2.5 days of traveling to get settled into my new home.
I’m in desperate need of help as more hurricanes are predicted such as Hurricane Maria.