Help Me End Fatal Road Accidents FREE Exposure Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I am Richard.Founder,Rab Investment Ltd.
I am on a mission of raising funds to reduce or end the alarming rate of fatal motor accidents on our roads. And I believe you can stretch a hand to support this cause.
Richard’s main focus is on funding of quality and genuine auto parts for commercial vehicle drivers.For the past years,my investigations revealed that due to the use of defective auto parts by majority of commercial drivers,fatal road accidents have been very rampant already killing more than 800 people the latter part of 2016 and early 2017.This deaths include the vulnerable children and women.These fatalities have been rampant in many communities but of them,4 are more affected in Ghana.
Apart from helping these commercial drivers sustain their businesses,the core objective is to achieve the mission of curbing or totally ending the high rate of fatal road accidents in Ghana.
I am currently involving in a campaign to raise money to provide for this cause. In order to achieve this,it is imperative that I come close to all and sundry to step forward to help me with this cause.I am counting on you to bring my goal of funding the priorities to fruition.I am confident with your help via donations,we will rise to the challenge.I deeply count on your support.
Every little donation made will be highly appreciated.I believe you can help me change the situation but if you can’t support, please share this to the rest of the world.
I count on you.Thank you in advance!!