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Help Emma pay for Veterinary School GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

A 23 year old girl who’s dreams come true but finances just are not there. Will not be able to afford $400,000 of vet school, and will be in loads of debt following graduation, trying to be proactive and lessen the cost!

Good people, I was accepted to Veterinary school for this fall, my absolute life long dream come true! However, the price of veterinary school has sky rocketed in passed years and paying for 4 years of school is going to put me close to $400,000 in debt.

Although I am willing to do whatever it takes and be as far in debt as I need in order to make my dreams a reality, it would be nice if I could worry less about how I’m going to buy food or afford rent for the rest of my life. Please, help an ambitious 23 year old make her dreams come true without too much financial troubles!