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Hello! My name is Brian Shaw. I am a visually impaired person who wants to raise money in order to save you money on your taxes.

I currently am on disability, and am looking to raise $15,000 to get into business, so that I no longer need to depend on it. I have plans to go into real estate, flipping houses. I recently attended a seminar put on by the people who run the show “Flip This House.” The money will be used for start-up costs, incorporating costs,advertising, promotion, and living expenses until the business gets going.

I am in the center of the picture, which was taken at a basketball game – something that I love to do! (Yes, the ladies in the picture – along with many others – will be pleased with your support, too.)

Please donate today to help me raise $15,000. Would you rather spend the money doing that, or keep using your tax money to pay my living expenses? (Most of what you spend on me goes to the government officials who help me, and the government will probably find other ways to waste the money – but it’s worth a shot.) Please share with your friends! I need and appreciate all the help I can get! Help me reduce the need for the government dole! Together, we can do it!

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