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Recently my son has been diagnosed with Benign Familial Neutropenia it’s a genetic disorder there’s no cure.
There is a chance he could get very
sick from this. If there is a time he
would need medication it’s going to
cost $4,000. Right now we’re good.
I’ve been trying so hard to make sure my child has everything he needs.
I’ve been struggling to pay my repair
bill on the car. I got a title loan to fix
the water pump and timing belt.
It just keep getting worse now I have
to replace the motor. It’s not going
to matter I might have to surrender
my car to TitleMax cuz I don’t have
the money to pay it. My rent got
raised I receive disability $587 a
month may have to choose between
paying my bills or getting my car fixed. Starting November Mike will be going
to Vanderbilt every 3 months to
make sure his condition doesn’t get
out of control. I really need help. If
something’s happen to him I wouldn’t know what to do. If anyone could
donate or share my GoFundMe page. Please help.