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I am speaking on behalf of my daughter, Dara LaMance, who never asks for help. Through the years, she has sacrificed and given from sometimes an empty cup, to whoever shows up in need. Now she is in a situation where she needs help in order to get through a major tranisition with her three children.

I have started this campaign as a mother who totally believes in her daughter. I’ve watched her give her last dime to help others, never asking for anything in return. I’ve watched her set aside her dreams to support others, and I long to see her RISE through this transistion and walk into her life purpose!

The first immediate goal is to pay off debts ie: car payment and auto insurance. If these payments are not made by the 3rd, she stands to lose her only transporation.

The second goal is to raise money to help her move into a place suitable for an adult and three children. (Any suggestions or leads are helpful)

If you know my Dara, you will understand this is not something she takes lightly. She spends her days raising her children, coaching people with immediate needs, and offering healing to those who show up in her space. She is a giver with an amazing attitude and sweet spirit.

At this point, I am reaching out, as a mother and a grandmother (with limited resources), knowing that she has an incredible tribe standing by. I believe she simply needs a spring board to help her through this transition so that she can begin to manifest her dreams and live her life with purpose and intention.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if all you can do is know the highest for her, send prayers, flood her with waves of love, and share the campaign, we will be grateful.

With much love and gratitude
Jounda (Mom)