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November 27 2018 Her 50th Birthday just before our Diagnosis of her recurrence with Glioblastoma on December 7 2018. We will have a surgical consult on December 18 2018 with UCSF and updates will follow.
In December 2015 my lovely wife suddenly lost her memory, I returned home from work to find her lost and could not even remember my name I immediately rushed her to the emergency room   and on December 7, 2015 she was diagnosed with brain cancer Glioblastoma Grade 4. We transferred her to UCSF where they removed the tumor in January 2016 and Cheryl’s memory slowly returned but not without some cognitive deficits from the surgery and brain tissue that was removed with the tumor.

Cheryl  is a fighter they gave her less than a year to live and she said she wasn’t ready. In June of 2018 we decided to move to our retirement home in Redding California and enjoy some quiet time together and three weeks after moving into our retirement home the CARR Fire started and we were evacuated for 9 days thinking we had lost everything, Once again God stepped in and said No. We were fortunate to have only lost some trees in our back yard our home was spared.

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Now fast  forward to December 7 2018 and we have just learned this horrible cancer has returned and our war begins again. Cheryl will have another surgical consult with UCSF the week before Christmas on December 18 2018. We have and continue to search tirelessly for Holistic natural treatments and went to work changing our lifestyle. I retired to full time caregiver and help my wife with her natural treatments. I watched as my wife who is also a type 1 Diabetic on and insulin pump went from taking 7 different western prescription medications to needing only one, her insulin .

For the past 3 years we have been blessed and given hope and become part of a small group of long term survivors of Glioblastoma. My wife is the strongest person I have ever known, everyday she amazes me in her fight to get better and continues to live and love our life together and we thank God for all he has given us good and bad as we learn and grow in life. We are not perfect we pay our bills and help others when we can but this fight is expensive and would ask you to help us continue this fight even of only in a share and a prayer.

To all who continue to fight cancer or have been touched by it, we say a prayer for you as well and want to say never give up there is hope. 3 years and her fight continues for a life beyond what doctors say is possible.

One week prior to her initial diagnosis …..her eyes kill me I could look at those all day.

After Cheryls first surgery at UCSF January 2016 (we needed to keep her head warm she was always cold lol)

She never gives up here she is after a year of treatments

She is such a sweet amazing and brave woman I love her with all my heart

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