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My wife, Cecilia, 52, has been diagnosed with Stage 2, triple-negative breast cancer. Thank God that they caught it as early as they did but now begins the long journey of beating this disease. So far her treatment plan is going to start off with Chemotherapy, followed by surgery (lumpectomy) and finishing with radiation. We are just starting this battle and already we feel like we are drowning in debt.

We moved to Florida a year ago and are still trying to settle in. We don’t really know anyone here and sometimes we feel alone. Yes, it was our choice to move but it was a great opportunity that we could not pass up. Who wouldn’t want to live in the sun! Cecilia has a great support system (there and our family and friends we left) but with all of this news happening so fast it is taking toll on her. Not to mention, she just lost her job 8/17.

There is still so much that needs to be done to really make Florida home but with this hiccup in the road, we are not sure how we are going to accomplish any of it.  We have read things about the “C” word and have heard other people’s experiences and topics that keep popping up are “finances” and “exhaustion” and sometimes together. We don’t make a lot of money and we are financially dependent on the income that we have, however we were not anticipating the situation that we have now been dealt. I do not work outside of the home as I am struggling to get on disability due to a back injury from work and I am not sure how much of the physical tasks that need to be done, I can do.

The financial, emotional and physical burden that comes with trying to beat this disease is going to be a challenge. My wife is the most self-less, caring, brave and hard working person I know. She would never ask for help for this, that is why I am the one trying to help ease her financial stress. I don’t want her to have to worry where the money is going to come to pay the bills or making sure she is able to afford to see the doctors or get her medications. She is my absolute best friend and she does so much for others, I just want her to know that she is going to be taken care of. Sometime robbing Peter to pay Paul can catch up on you and I don’t want her to worry that we may not be able to afford even the essentials.

Heck we still are trying to get a couch! If you are able to donate, please consider contributing to Cecilia’s fight! Any amount helps and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless! #CANCERSUCKS #PLEASEHELP #THINKPINK #HELPCECILIA

***Update*** 8/21 She went to the chemo Dr this morning and told her that it was very important that she gets her port put in sooner rather than later. We are filling forms to see if she can get any assistance but in the mean time this is nothing to mess around with.

Her Dr wants her to start her chemo within the next week and it can’t wait a month. Right now whatever is being donated to the GoFundMe page is all that she has coming in.

Her insurance runs out 9/1 but even with the insurance she needs at least $3500.00 to have the testing, Muga scan done and then God knows how much to actually have the port put in. Please help if you can… If not, at least please share this!

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