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My amazing wife of 13 years the mother of our Miracle son is being held by immigration. She came here completely legally she had a mental breakdown when she was 18 and disappeared while her family was doing their residency hearings and nobody can get ahold of her or knew where she was. It’s just wrong for them to hold her I was born in Oregon my son was born here in California she’s pay taxes at every job she’s had as long as I’ve known her. She doesn’t even have to but she 1099s herself with her translating jobs for special needs and her in home care for the elderly wives of vets. She suffers from severe anxiety, bipolar , and panic, fibromyalgia ,rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis , carpal tunnel, and seizures.
I have no clue at all how to run a house or handle being a single father And now I can barely afford our house payment., car payments utilities any of that to make sure that me and my boy have somewhere to live, without her here and helping not to mention her legal fees for the lawyers to try to get her home as soon as possible. So if you could please do anything even a dollar helps every dollar adds up
thank you.
Rick & Koasten Peters