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In February 2016, my wife Betty Howard, was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and COPD. Betty is 73 years old.

She went through radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

I came home from being a Branch Manager for Dewey Pest Control for the past 11 years to care for her on June 30th 2016.
In November, I found her on the bathroom floor early in the morning as she had fell.

I helped back to bet and she said she was fine. That was the first of many falls she would have.

She fell in April 2017 and broke her hip and had to have hip surgery.

She has not been able to walk since. She needs 24 hour care, which I am providing.

All of our resources have been exalted, unemployment has ran out.

She is currently in Community Hospital because she had a seizure on Friday morning.

She should be coming home today after her MRI.

She has been through a lot in the past year: Lung Cancer, COPD, Broken Hip, Seizures, Asthma, Possible

Alzheimer’s, Constant Pain, Can’t Walk, No Appetite, etc.

We have a GoFundMe page up, but not much money has come in. 

Only a few hundred dollars and nothing recently

If you could run our story so we won’t get put out.

We don’t have the rent money and we are in desperate need right now.


Stan Howard



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