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9 months ago my wife’s doctor told us that she needs full time care due to her epilepsy and mental wellbeing and he recommended I give up my $100000 a year government job. I gave up work but Centrelink have refused her disability support claim, even though she was on disability support when we got together 18 months ago and they cut all her benefits due to my income when we got together.

Strangely they approved me and pay me to be her full time carer but they won’t giver disability support so we get more than $300 per fortnight less than we would. Now we have the opportunity to move to the Melbourne area and live with my sister who is not well off and she works in mental health support. She has kindly offered us half her house rent free so we can survive and I can care for my wife and work on my music while surviving.

The problem is that the removalist cost is $3500 and I also need to pay $7650 to keep our car which is crucial to have for where my sister lives and to be able to drive my wife to appointments because due to her anxiety she is unable to cope with public transport.

I am seeking a total of $3000 to support us in our situation which is less than a third of the cost for the move and to keep our reliable 2013 model sedan on the road. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you donate I will send free gifts of my CDs and merchandise when possible.

Thank you

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