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In May of last year Robert was in a tractor trailer accident and lost his job He suffered a TBI during the accident and has many herniated disks. The doctors will not do surgery because he also suffered a major heart attack. The surgeries are to long his heart won’t take it.

In October of last year he was at a routine stress test and was admitted to the hospital where he found out one artery was 100% blocked and the rest where 80-90% blocked he had a triple bypass. Since May of 2017 he has not received any type of income he applied for SSI but they said it will be 18 months before he will see a judge yet. He gets 1000.00 from the VA but that covers his house payment. So with the 100.00 that is left go for gas to get to the doctor appointments.

I injured my back at work in Dec of 2017 and my employer did not have any insurance and I have not been able to work so we are living on 100.00 a month. Robert has a long road a head of him. With him having a TBI he usually needs help with everyday stuff. On June 1st He was rushed to the hospital on stroke alert found out He was in septic shock and losing blood somewhere.

The doctors determined He has a rare blood disease where it forms blood clots and stops flow to his brain and vital organs He was in ICU he was emergency transported to GMC ICU and is now receiving blood transfusions thru a central line. 3 in 1 million people get this disease and he can get it again.

He will not be able to go back to work. Bob is going through Chemotherapy for his blood disease he has had 2 treatments and is scheduled for 2 more right now but the doctors say he might need more

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