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Vivian has been my service dog since she was 3 years old. She is now 10 &1/2, and it’s time for her to retire. She doesn’t think so, but I think it’s important she spends her golden years being a dog, doing what and when she pleases.

We are in Successor Dog Limbo right now. I need some help to offset training costs whether I train a dog myself or go with a program. We’ve been asked by a program to stay in a hotel if we are invited for a dog.

The hotel would be somewhere around $100-$150 a day. For 12 days, and because we won’t be staying in the dorms, we also have to figure in money for gas and meals. The other option means a lot of money spent on training – way beyond what I am asking, but this would really help our budget a lot.

Thank you for your support,
Lisa and Vivian

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